Greek Grammar
Νεοελληνική Γραμματική
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Exercises - Ασκήσεις

In this page you can test your knowledge in Greek by doing exercises with all the word classes. You can also check your answers as the pdf files include the key answers.

Exercises for beginners:

pdf document 1. The article
pdf document 2. Nouns
pdf document 3. Adjectives
pdf document 4. Comparative degree
pdf document 5. Pronouns
pdf document 6. Verbs, simple present
pdf document 7. Verbs, simple past, simple past subjunctive
pdf document 8. Verbs, simple past, simple past imperative
pdf document 9. Numerals
pdf document 10. Adverbs
pdf document 11. Prepositions

Exercises for advanced students:

pdf document 1. The article
pdf document 2. Nouns, singular-plural
pdf document 3. Nouns, masculine-feminine
pdf document 4. Adjectives
pdf document 5. Verbs, Simple present
pdf document 6. Verbs, Present participle
pdf document 7. Verbs, Imperfect tense
pdf document 8. Verbs, Simple past mediopass
pdf document 9. Verbs, Future tenses
pdf document 10. Verbs, Perfect tenses
pdf document 11. Verbs, All tenses 1
pdf document 12. Verbs, All tenses 2
pdf document 13. Prepositions

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